sábado, 28 de marzo de 2009

March is ending.

And I haven't posted a decent entry in a while. So yeah, now that we're here, I shall do :)

Two weeks after seeing Viniloversus, I went to an IndieKaraoke. It was rather fun actually, I sang "I wanna hold your hand" with a friend from my choir, but I kinda sounded terrible cos I had been screaming instead of speaking before I got on the stage cos the music was too loud. Boohoo.
What really annoyed me was the massive amount of indie/scene kids, all looking the same with their skinny jeans and Palestinian scarves. I should have expected to see them there, of course, the name of the Karaoke thing makes it pretty obvious. Even though the place, Sake Disco Bar, was really small and, uh, UGLY, the music was pretty cool. I mean, you rarely get to dance to Vampire Weekend or Phoenix at any disco/club in Caracas. Well, El Teatro plays that kind of music too, but it's bigger and prettier. And that was my fun weekend two weeks ago.

More recently, this past week to be precise, after taking my sister and her loud friends/Blackberry people (they're so dependant I've dared to call them that way) to some mall cos they had nothing better to do, I decided to drive around. I was close to El Hatillo, so I drove through those small roads in the mountain. I got distracted with all them pretty houses and buildings, so I barely realised where the road was taking me.


Yes, there's one in El Hatillo, but I didn't know it was too close from where I was. Not only that, I also took the wrong road and was driving in the opposite sense of the way, which meant I was nearly crashed by two cars going up (I was going down the road while driving). Going backwards was REALLY difficult and in the process I also nearly crashed some car parked there. Some old man helped me by telling me how to go backwards without doing any harm. I think I owe him my life. So yeah, I managed to return to the same way I had come from and arrived all safe to that point between El Hatillo and La Boyera. That's the kind of thing that only happens to people like Liselotte. But it was kinda hilarious at the end of the day :)

That's all folks.

jueves, 12 de marzo de 2009

Viniloversus @ El Teatro

So yes, the title pretty much explains itself. I saw these guys live on the 28th of february at this relatively new cool bar called El Teatro (The Theatre). We arrived sort of early, so we had the chance to stand right in front of the stage and never moved from there. The guys played at 1 AM and for about 45 minutes, which included songs like Cocaína, Las Historias son Mortales, Nada Número Dos, Retroceso, amongst some other new ones. The place was packed; there were some TV/radio personalities in the gig too so you can tell the band is quite liked by a lot of people and succesful :D
Some people I spotted were David Rondón, Ramón Castro (I dislike this guy, he ignored us at some school rock festival back in 2005), and some guy from my uni who happens to be friends with the lead singer.

I also saw these Whatstheirfaces and that midget who's always with them. They looked sort of drunk already, and are VERY ugly in person. Besides, they were wearing cocktail dresses and high heels in a place where mostly everyone wears jeans and flats. In my opinion they just wanted everybody to see them and be like "Ooh who are these well dressed chicks, I wish I were so stylish myself!". But nobody seemed to care. As Alan from Two and a Half Men would say, "Ha!".

We got to meet the band too, they were uber nice! And we got loads of pictures with them :D

We stole the setlist! :D

Me and my friend Janma

Bassist # 2 Adrián smiled for our picture

Singer Rodrigo playing and bassist # 1 Juan Víctor in the background

Us and bassist # 2 Adrián :)

Me and singer Rodrigo. I can't stand my massive smile! I was so excited hehe

Us and the drummer Mangan, he's uber funny :)