viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

End of term

... And I might be going to the beach on sunday. So, 2011 hasn't been that fun yet. Today has been pretty foggy and I'm kinda tipsy and having a shitload of typos (it's been quite difficult to write this post).

I have a kitty, which is pretty good news cos I've always wanted to have a pet but my mum wouldn't let us, but then she rescued a kitty and we haven't given it for adoption yet, and we're still on that plan since like DECEMBER. We are totally keeping the kitty like FOR REAL.

I can't wait for my trip in april. I'm not saying where it is cos that might actually increase the risk of being kidnapped (I may sound paranoid but it's the truth) and well, no one wants to be kidnapped. Seriously, all I wanna be is safe... but then again I might have to move to Europe or the United States. But no, I'm kinda stuck in Venezuela.

As the title of this post says, I just finished this term, the 5th term exactly. I really feel like sleeping and/or lazing around. I shall probably watch Black Swan and The King's Speech (Colin Firth is super dreamy in every movie) before the Oscar's. Speaking about Oscar's, I kinda fancied a guy named like this at the beginning of this year, but now I've lost any interest. That's alright, I like to believe the theory of there being plenty more fish in the sea.

I recently got a pretty shocking unfollow on Twitter. Basically I had been expecting him to keep on following me cos I live in a *kinda* important country now that there's all this conflict going on in Northern Africa, and Venezuela is quite an important ally of these people (by these people I mean LIBYA). So yeah, I'm a political science student, I know what's going on in the world! I could have been an important source to him, but no. When I become a renowned political scientist specialised on international relationships/political journalist/etc, he'll be sorry he unfollowed me.

And these are my last words for the day.

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